Sun Shang Xiang - Dynasty Warriors 5





My Traumcosplay * __ * Since I was 12 years and the first time Dynasty Warriors gambled I liked this woman all the more gladly and could best deal with it. And now I could cosplay her. A dream came true. I love Sun Shang Xiang <3, then a right power-woman and looks great. Now for the cosplay XD. It was quite complicated and nerve-ripping up. Mainly in the pants. Without my mother would have nothing> o <. It has the pants and top. I have made with the help of Jill Valentine, the little things. The patterns and subtleties. I'm quite happy with the cosplay, but still needs a lot to be supplemented. The pants must be replaced also. It is too big for me, Oh, I can not run XD slid my pants to 3 meters under the bottom. XD. I made the top longer than the original> o o


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