Sasshi Imamiya - Abenobashi





Character plot

Sasshi Imamiya is a Hyperactive fun loveing kid living in Abenobashi shopping Arcade in Osaka.
Sasshi's family used to run the local bathhouse, The Turtle bath, Giving that up Sasshi spends his lazy days with his child hood Friend, Arumi Asashina.
But Arumi tells him that she is soon living with her family to hokkaido.
one day Grandpa Masa [Arumi's Grandfather] Falls from the deck and takes quite a plunge to the ground.
with such evants, hes later taken to the hosipital postponing the Move to Hokkaido.

Sasshi and Arumi Soon are transported to new and exciting worlds betraying there family members as well as Abenobashi Shopping Arcade.


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Progress Journal

8th February 2011

Things for changing

Sasshi really doesn't have all that much about him that would be to hard, besides his hair and Shirt.
Sasshi clearly has Black Blue hair, but I'm going to have to change it to be more realistic.
Just black will have to suit for now, well it is Black though XD