Corran Horn (Jedi Knight - Retired ) - Star Wars Expanded Universe





My first proper Jedi costume, and the Costume I have worn most often.
To the best of my knowledge, even now, I am still the only person in the World with an accurate reprisentation of this Characters Jedi Outfit.


Sephirayne posted on 23 March, 2011 - 08:56
Excellent Corran. You are him. Great likeness.

Progress Journal

19th September 2012

6 years, coming to a close.....

Ok, so even though I haven't had a chance to upgrade this costume this year, at the close of 2012 I am planning to retire it.
I will be having it remade, and will have about 2 months to do so after my last planned troop in November. This will then give me 1 month to get the new costume cleared before my first troop of 2013.

Let's hope all goes to plan.....

27th February 2012

Upgrades and Rebuild

After over 5 years of trooping, parts of this costume are in need of repair and/or replacement.

With any luck over the coming months, my Lightsaber will be both repaired (the speaker snapped off last weekend) and Upgraded (I'm eyeing up a new soundboard)
I will also be looking at getting myself some new boots.

The biggest thing will be that I will be having a 2nd version of this costume built. It will be made from a heavier material (closer to that of the Movie Jedi) as well as being changed slightly in style.