Lucia - Devil May Cry 2





This was a last minute rush job that I did for wonderfest 2011 in Tokyo. Since i heard that we could bring props to this event (in most here in japan they are not allowed) so i was like `crap what character could I do that has cool weapons?` I made this costume once long ago but I never really liked how it turned out so i gave it another go. I used Silver bathing suit Lycra for the pants and shirt, the black lines were done in fabric paint (via a handy fabric paint marker). This material is a real pain to sew with, my machine was easting it every few stitches since its so stretchy =( All the belts and accessories are made with real leather and hand tooled by me. The side slings on the legs are functional and I made them to hold my swords. The swords are made from foam board, sandwiched in between polystyrene sheets and then the handles made from airdry clay then wrapped with leather cording. It took me about 1 week to make this, it was fun to wear..albeit a bit cold in febuary but the material was really easy to move and get photos in.


Ryzy-San posted on 7 February, 2011 - 04:34
Awesome stuff, I like the photo effects with the blades!

No thanks posted on 7 February, 2011 - 11:42
Sweet! Looks awesome, great photos :D

Numta posted on 7 February, 2011 - 13:53
You really pulled Lucia off! Epic stuff!

gaming_goddess posted on 17 May, 2011 - 07:24
Wow you make an awesome lucia. Love the photo with gothic architecture in background - beyond epic! X

neoncupcake posted on 5 October, 2011 - 16:28
wow that's awesome! Just out of curiosity, where did u get the costume? I've been looking everywhere for a Lucia costume and simply could not find one, and I'm not exactly sure how 2 make my own :(