Patty Fleur
Tales of Vesperia

Cosplayer: street-angel

Variant: Brave Vesperia

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Midlands MCM Expo 2nd Place

6th April 2011: Bloomers The bloomers were a shortenned version of a simplicity pattern with button holes to thread the lace up ribbon through and an elastic wasteband.

6th April 2011: Pirate Hat Some years ago I had bought a costume pirate hat for a Haruhi cosplay. I took this apart to get the basic shape for the back and front and scaled it up, partially because Patty's hat is big and partly to make the cosplayer look even smaller in it. The central part was made using my regular hat pattern, with a brown rim and lining hand stitched into place inside.

The anchor is felt that has been satin stitched on. The ruffle is polycotton with a serge stitch hem that was trapped between layers that have also been interfaced. Yellow bias was added at the end.

6th April 2011: Priate Coat I made the coat by modifying a girl's fitted jacket pattern to be a double breasted jacket that is fully faced and lined. The collar was a custom pattern piece and the whole thing was rimmed in bias binding. Sleeve details were added prior to the sleeves being attached. The buttons were painted and are only sewn on for show as I never like the look of button holes creeping out around the buttons so instead the overlapping pannels do up with a series of poppers.

ProbablyHeather avatar

ProbablyHeather - 6th February 2011
Yay, Patty!
I can't wait for you to finnish this c:

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Solaria - 9th February 2011
That hat is AMAZING it looks so pretty *3*

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ProbablyHeather - 9th February 2011
Wow! *-*
This is amazing!
&The hat.. Wooow *--* <3 *speachless*