Kallen Kozuki (Black Knight outfit ) - Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion




Well my friend wanted to do a Code Geass group and I signed up, I never finished the anime and I remembered how much I liked it so I'm planning on finishing it when my laptop is repaired ^^
I originally wanted to cosplay CC, but I was too late to sign up for her as my other friend had gotten there first X'D So I asked my friends who they think I should cosplay as from CG and they all agreed on Kallen as apparently I'd suit her ^^
I'll be cosplaying her first at the Forbidden Planet Manga night in Leeds, then Midlands MCM expo ^^


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Progress Journal

9th February 2011


Yup, it's finally done ^^
I wore it at the Forbidden Planet Manga night in Leeds on Monday. It was only for an hour and a half, but by the time it had finished my feet were ready to drop off!
Because of the huge heeled boots that I wear with the cosplay, they killed!so!much! so.....note to self: Wear gel pad things to ensure that feet don't die when wearing cosplay for full day at Telford!
It also took a while to work out why the wig looked so wrong when I put the headband on, turned out instead of going fully over the wig, it had to go under the bangs at the front and then under the top half of flicks on the wig.
My button dissapeared off the shorts, I spazzed.
Eventually my friend found it outside of forbidden planet, I plan to sew it back onto the shorts tommorrow.
But. It was a valuable learning experience for me, and these things won't happen at Midlands expo ^^ I'm glad they happened before the expo and not during it. If I had lost the button there....It would have been lost forever.
I also won the imaginary bravery award for wearing the boots :'D Everyone got an imaginary award during the cosplay comp0etition, it was pretty funny :'D
I also won TWO prizes in the raffle; Death note another note and Go Go Monster ^^ I've wanted Death Note Another note fro a while now....I really wanted to win the huge Naruto plushie though! XD Oh well ^^

6th February 2011



I now realise why people usually sew bias on instead of glueing it...it takes ages. Escpecially as I have hardly any patience and instead of waiting ten minutes to press the fabrics together like the instructions said I pressed thenm together right away....so It took FOREVER TO DO!
But it's now done, and I love it! XD