Young-Goon (In asylum - white dress) - I'm A Cyborg But That's OK




I love this film so much, soooo cute! This should be a really easy costume to make, I've just acquired a heap of slightly off white fabric which will be perfect! If I'm wearing Jeanne one day in October, I'll be able to put most of my energy into making that, and then if I have the time left look at the finer details of Young-goon like the bag she carries at the start of the film, the dentures, and possibly making an Il-sun costume for my poor boyfriend :P I hope he doesn't get fed up of me doing all this and dragging him into it with me! Plus, I've always wanted to dance with him to the theme from the film (see video below!)


amayhun posted on 2 March, 2011 - 18:34
Can't wait to see this, it's such a great film :D