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Midlands MCM Expo 2011

Midlands MCM Expo 2nd Place


Commission for FFZidane

Set includes: Trousers, pink shirt, belt and coat

SarahSaiyan posted on 13 February, 2011 - 11:17
This looks lovely :D yay for manly pink and purple XD

6th April 2011


I heavily modified a men's jacket pattern to get the initial fit then extended the panels at the front and cut the shape into the hem. The sleeves are also slight flared. The black, purple and yellow are all klona cotton. I made custom yellow bias to top stitch onto the cuffs to match the yellow around the neckline. The black in the neckline is a modified version of a shirt collar that has been lengenthenned and trapped between the two layers of yellow. I made the black diamonds on the yellow in the same way as the pink on the trousers with satin stitched lines down the middle and round the back of the neck. The yellow sections were then trapped between the main bulk of the coat and it's lining. Before stitching the lining to the coat, I faced the edges with purple klona cotton so all edges would show the same fabric rather than have bits of lining poking out.

6th April 2011


I used a simplicity men's trouser pattern to get the length and shape at the top then flared at the bottom. I then cut pink diamonds bigger than required and serged the edges to stop them fraying. I then cut the diamonds out of the base of the trousers slightly smaller than required, turned them back and satin stitched this to the pink diamonds below creating a raised edge. The hems were gatherred to the ankle bands and there is elastic in the waist band. There are also functioning pockets, contrast lined in pink at the sides.

6th April 2011


The shirt was made using a simplicity men's shirt out of pink polycotton with a modified collar.

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