Lamia Loveless - super Robot Wars




For the Minamicon group in 2012.

Admittedly, when I agreed to do this I thought she wore a dress, and not a sarong-swimsuit-from-hell...but despite this she still appeals to my costumer side so I'm pushing on.

Minami saw the prototype, now I've worn it and seen what works, I should be able to perfect it for Amecon.

Trying to find that specific colour of blonde-turned-green-in-a-bleaching-incident turned out to be impossible. Other cosplayers have used a lime green coloured wig, but I just didn't like the look of the ones I saw. Instead I went for this black/green mix on the grounds that it looked similar in photos online.
I did try to style it with mangahead hair gel and some curlers, but will have to perfect it (curls at front need to be redone, fix one of the bangs that doesn't sit right, and CUT IT).

May very well have to remake the swimsuit part from scratch. Used a leotard pattern to get the basic shape, but its not that well made and has quite a few tears and splits from mistakes and general wear.

The dress-like front turned out much better than I planned, but will probably re-line and fix the neckline.

This bloody thing broke my sewing machine. AGAIN. I bought a cheap black pvc for the outer line and it just didn't fly through as neatly as the purple. Its mostly been put together with superglue and velcro, and the arms need to be properly hemmed.
Its also EXTREMELY uncomfortable to wear and completely diminishes any kind of upper arm movement.

I failed to find a pair of boots I could modify in my price range - so thats the plan for Amecon. The leggings are a pair of fetish ones from online with an additional line of pvc and some silver buttons. Need to possibly add some clear elastic to keep the fronts up as you can see in the photos that they kept sliding down.

Although this costume isn't technically finished, I found it so uncomfortable I'm retiring it early.


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