Heiwajima Shizuo (Female) - Durarara!!




Female version of Heiwajima Shizuo - plus busted stop sign.


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Progress Journal

3rd March 2011

One last thing (2)

Yeah, tried to get the materials for my vending machine but apparently Ikea doesn't like selling cardboard boxes - and I'm not spending fifteen quid on the boxes they do sell just to make the thing. I'll stick with my Stop Sign. Its already half finished. Just need to spray paint it and then duck tape it to a pipe I'll steal from dad. After that - I'm finished! 8DD

1st March 2011

Perhaps not quite the end of the Tunnel

It has just been suggested to me by the ever so awesome Tim and Ana that I make myself a cardboard vending machine.

I cannot argue with this logic.

And as there's a second Shizuo at the Con, I felt it only right and proper to kit us both out with the appropriate Flea Crushing equipment. Stop sign has yet to be made, but I have the paint (dad already had white so I just needed to get the red), and the stensils, and a plan. So the stop sign should be finished before the Con and hopefully after Dad's operation to his broken collarbone. After that, all that shall be required is harrassing IKEA staff to see if I can't make off with a cardboard box of an appropriate size with which to cover in paper and spray paint into my vending machine. Torn between white and red machine though. I need to reexamine both to choose which one is A) the least effort, B) the least waste of resources and C) the smallest.

My friend dropped Izaya proper though. But it looks like my efforts have not gone invain. We've got a Kida and it sounds as if we may have a Shinra as well. Yay!!

10th February 2011

One last thing to do

Had my eye test today, checked out the colour contacts. Sadface time, because my eyes are an odd mix of pale blue and green, brown contacts would essentially be useless to me. My eyes are too light for the brown to be in any way effectively seen. Nuts.

The sunglasses will have to stay on for the majority then - on the bright side, my eyes are beginning to recover. Another 10 years and I may not need glasses. XDD Of course then I'll be getting old and need them for age related degeneration. Fuggit.

ONE THING LEFT TO DO: And that is to make my stop sign. Going to harrass my father to use his power tools to make it. Hopefully he should still have his red metal paint so then all I would need to buy is a small can of white which he can then have.

Blackmailing BFF to be Izaya has so far been unsuccessful. After a multitude of texts I received this: "Stop hinting. Now."

So chances are, I'll have no flea to be grumpy at. More sadface.

7th February 2011

Near to the end

Decided last night to give up on Tsunade - too much sewing. Since I already had the blonde wig and I've been geeking over DRRR Light Novels and how awesome Shizuo is in them, I decided to just run with it and make Shizuo my main Cosplay.

Went out shopping to get shirt and bow tie today. Plus skirt that would be suitable. Ended up buying more than I want to think about because the Work Clothes selection was damn good and I don't actually have smart work clothes. So pretty much everything except for the shirt, jacket and bow-tie were for work.

Got the sunglasses at Superdrug along with a hair clip that'll look nice.

Booked myself an eye test for the colour contacts - I was due one anyway and I need to get new glasses as well.

All in all, all that remains is to actually make my stop sign. (And possibly blackmail my BFF into cosplaying Izaya so I can sling her over one shoulder and stomp around for the lulz)