Damien - South Park





Cheep closet cosplay is cheeeeep 8DDDD

I had the poloneck from my Ayame cosplay, and the grey jeans and Doc Martins from my wardrobe... Generic black wig and red contacts were from other cosplays~ The only thing I actually paid for was my cross pendant; £1.50 off of ebay♥ And my black nails? Painted for me by a nazi ;DDD (Xigalicious in her Richtofen cosplay xD)

Pfftt, me and Ruth had an impromptu cosplay sleepover, which is where the photoshoot was done~~ Spacking about as the Son of Satan (not God!!) with a Nazi doctor, derping about boots and failing with the fish eye lens... It makes for srs lols xDDD♥

--- Just realised, this is my 13th costume on here!! How apt xD ---


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