Ventus - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep





The armor was made of a plastic sheet I bought at a craft store, I used a lighter to bend it so it was mold to my shoulder better. The shoe's was bought from a store and I painted them and I hot glued the little armor piece's to the shoe's. The pants and shirt was helped made by my Friends mom, thank goodness for a embroider machine, it really helped with the detail I put into it.

The key blade was made by me. Its base was Styrofoam and then covered with plaster to hold together, I then like painted it with spray paint with like 3 different types of sliver hahaha couldn't found the right sliver in the beginning. The charm was made by my friend Rin she cosplayed as my Aqua. The wig was bought online but I styled it 100%. It took me maybe an hour, it held together with Hair gel and then hair spray.


BabemRoze posted on 13 December, 2011 - 22:45
This looks amazing!! xx