The Scarecrow / Dr Nathan Crane (incredibly bloody mask, cannibalistic serial killer) - Batman




my dream is to make it the most disgusting, horrific costume yet.

i've already got it planned out

black trousers, no shoes ore socks,incredibly dirty straightjacket covered in blood,
the mask will have respitors ala arkham asylum.
the mask will also have blood coming from where my mouth would be.
the eyes of the mask will be moderatly close to my real eyes, ala batman begins
so you can see my eyes.
i'll be using alot of black make up for it
and alot of stage blood
will also be making one of the arkham scarecrow gauntlets

so i'll need a burlap sack
a gas mask
a straight jacket
fake blood (lost of it)
fake syringes full of orange liquid
black leather gloves
black leather wristband


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