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I want to do this costume as I thought it'd be a really nice 20th anniversary thing to wear at Summer of Sonic 2011.

The easiest part were the things that were just bought how they are like the tie and trousers.

The hardest part was figuring out how to put the ears in, how to add the collar to the shirt, and how to do the socks.

The costume was very comfortable to wear except from how hot it was in the event so I took the blazer off half-way through.

I learned that I needed to use more velcro on the shoe buckles as the tiny bits I put on kept slipping off until I secured it down with a strip of velcro at each end.

Officially started 02/05/2011 when I bought a few things from Hobbycraft for this costume.

Gloves were bought from eBay and Trousers were bought from H&M. Both got shiny ones to go with the whole fancy-dressed theme. Tie - also shiny - bought from eBay (seller - alen1011).

To make the shirt, I got a blue shirt from eBay (from seller more-than-a-t-shirt) and a detachable white collar also from eBay (from seller fogeyunlimited1). The collar was attached to the shirt using a button at the back of the collar and a button at the front of the collar.

To make the wig I got a blue wig from eBay (from seller southpanda-8), trimmed the front slightly, and styled the spikes at the back using cheap hairspray and blasts from a hairdryer. I made the ears from blue fabric and cream felt, cutting out triangle shapes of each, sewing the cream onto the blue, sewing the blue pieces together right-sides in, turning inside-out, putting shaped wire in, and sealing shut at the bottom. The ears were then attached to the wig using safety pins at each corner of the ears.

To make the waistcoat I simply got a white one from H&M and replaced the buttons with round gold ones.

To make the socks I cut out two rectangles of white fabric and sewed them together, turned inside-out, and sealed for each sock. I then put two bits of velcro on each so that it could stay on round the bottom of my legs. I would have liked them more loose but they still make the costume work.

To make the shoes I first got some red converse shoes from Priceless for £5. As the sole was while, I used masking tape to guard the red material and painted the soles grey. I also added the darker grey mark on the back when that was dry. For the buckles I cut out two shapes from foam and painted them yellow. For the white strap I got some thick white ribbon, and hemmed the ends. Then I attached it to the shoe over the laces using velcro, so I would be able to do up the shoe before securing the strap. I then attached the buckles onto the strap with velcro aswell.

For the ring I got one made of polystyene and simply painted it yellow.

To make the blazer I bought a white one from H&M for £24.99. I shortened the cuffs by folding them under and securing them down with safety pins. Then I sewed on a couple of gold buttons to the cuffs. Then I used iron-on paper, printed out the 20th logo mirrored and ironed it on the back.

Freyarule posted on 28 January, 2011 - 15:26
aww yay you are doing it :)

Lady-Aira posted on 28 January, 2011 - 16:09
Awesome looks coolio! ^^

pokemonranger posted on 26 April, 2011 - 12:31
yay we must get a pic together im going as tails XD

Ben Atreius Hall posted on 16 June, 2011 - 17:02
Photos are a must! Just had a nosey look at your to do list, if you want a power ring prop you can borrow one of mine. I've got 5 of 'em! :)

Kerhys posted on 4 July, 2011 - 17:13
I really love your wig - I checked out the seller in your information, which wig did you buy? It's a gorgeous colour :)

LittlePidgey4 posted on 5 July, 2011 - 12:48
I think I got this one (http://bit.ly/lVVjlJ), but yeah it's a very nice colour and it's also quite soft. :)

Ring Prop
Blue Wig with Ears
Red Tie
Blue Trousers
White Socks

Total cost: £0.00

20th June 2011

Blazer Finished

Got the only iron-on printer paper I could find in WHSmiths for £9.99. Then printed out an image of the 20th logo using the biggest one I could find. After doing a test on the folded-under cuff, I ironed on the whole logo on the back. Because I was afraid of burning the back as that's what happened on the test, I didn't cut out a border around the logo. So it looks a bit un-tidy if you look closely and some of the white has turned yellow where I ironed it on too long. Also because I didn't iron on one side for as long, I decided to fill in the colour on the left side a bit more with felt tips so it would stand out more.

17th June 2011

Ring Finished

Got a polystyrene ring and painted it yellow. All's that left for me to do is to see if I can do a 20th logo iron-on on the back of the blazer.

16th June 2011

Shoes Finished

Did the final painting on the yellow buckles. Then measured out the white ribbon while wearing the shoes. The edges that I cut were hemmed, and then they were attached to the shoes using velcro. Then attached the buckles to the straps with velcro as well.

15th June 2011

Shoes Progress

Used masking tape again and applied more grey paint so that there's no white sole showing. Also got started on the yellow buckles which are made from one sheet of foam and have been painted a few layers. Still need to paint on the edges of the foam.

14th June 2011

Shoes Started

Red converse shoes were bought from Priceless. I used masking tape to paint the grey soles. They are also completely grey on the bottom. When that was dry I added the darker grey mark on the back. Looks a bit untidy from the top because that's how the white soles are, so I might tidy that up tomorrow.

13th June 2011

Socks Finished

Each made by stitching two rectangles of white fabric together and sticking each end together with velcro. Made them just a bit too short length-ways since I would have liked them to be more baggy but they'll do.

12th June 2011

Blazer Started

Added buttons onto the cuffs and folded it under since it's quite long on my arm. Secured the folded cuff down with safety pins underneath. Will look into if I can put a 20th logo iron-on on the back.

11th June 2011

Waistcoat Finished

Got a white waistcoat from H&M, and I cut off the buttons and replaced them with round gold ones.

10th June 2011

Wig Finished

Ears were made with blue and cream shapes of fabric, and the cream bits were sewn on without hemming since they're felt. Then the blue pieces were sewn together right sides facing in, and that was turned inside-out. Then I shaped some wire and put it in and then sealed the bottom shut. I was planning on sewing the ears to the wig, but I settled for using safety pins to secured them on, as it was less fiddley, and then I could re-position the ears as necessary as if I had sewn them it would be more hassle if I wanted then re-positioned. I think the back spikes got slightly mangled when re-positioning the ears, but they still look identifiable.

9th June 2011

Wig Started

Front got trimmed and styled a bit, since I want to be able to see. Also styled the spikes at the back with cheap hairspray and hairdryer method, and then trimmed the ends. Doesn't affect much when viewed from the front. All that's left is to make and attach the ears.

9th June 2011

Tie Bought

Arrived a while ago but I wasn't at this address for a while. Glad it's also shiny. Bought from eBay seller alen1011.

24th May 2011

Shirt Finished

Done by buying a blue shirt and a detachable collar, and attaching the collar to the shirt using buttons. Since the collar is shorter than the shirt collar length, some of my skin shows and it's not the neatest thing ever. But with a tie and the waistcoat on, it tidies itself up.

3rd May 2011

Trousers and Gloves bought

Gloves were bought from eBay, and trousers were bought from H&M. Was going to sew buttons to the gloves but I'll sew them to the blazer cuffs instead since the blazer sleeves are quite big. Also found these pyjama bottoms are shiny which will match up well to the whole fancy-dress thing going on.

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