Batgirl (Skirt/dress) - Batman




To be honest, I bought this one from a friend. I think the skirt has been cut shorter though, so I'm dreading bending over if I drop anything! I do like it though. I am a little undecided on the mask or hood still - the hood looks better from side and back and more like Batgirl's costume, but the ears are a bit crappy. The mask looks perfect from the front, but rubbish from the sides. I'm also unsure whether to try and put a wash in wash out ginger dye over my hair (which will be purple and red by then) or try and find a good wig....

Any help deciding any of this much appreciated!


Ranma1-2 posted on 28 January, 2011 - 12:52
Costume is a good start. If the hood could be pulled into shape I would preferr that. Are the eye shapes the same on the hood and mask? ..I ask cuz the mask eye shape looks better in the photos. If they are different I would seriously consider hacking and combining the two together somehow. Thats just me though, dont ruin it if you are not confident to hack stuff - hacking is the easy part ^^ putting it all back together is the important part. there any way to make the Bat ears stick up? eg bend some wire into shape, or make some stiff cardboaurd cut outs, and sew them inside? Your Hair - looks fine as it is. Shame it will be purple by May. :/

Jenivere posted on 29 January, 2011 - 21:43
Thanks :) it's supposed to be purple now, but it's fading again....however I think the option is going to be test out a spray on wash out ginger dye :) I think I'll try hacking up the PVC hood, and use the mask if I fail. Yeah the eye shape on the hood is a bit wrong too. I may try doing a hood from scratch......depends if I have time left after doing the Doki and Nabi costumes!

Progress Journal

1st February 2011

Change of heart!

IF I have time, and that's a big IF, for May, I will be trying to make the original costume with a zentai suit and hood (to be modified with ears), will try spraying some boots yellow (or if that fails I have a backup plan) and buying some yellow gloves :D