Misa Amane - Death Note


Best Cosplay~TokyoPop Re:con~March 2008


This was a last minute cosplay i put together for a Toykopop Re:con using clothes & items i already had.

I used a black dress i originally bought for a party from PunkyFish, i think it was about £25. I found some stripy tights, black arm-warmers & a black choker with black crosses in claries. I used some black boots which i had as my winter school boots lol & just painted my nails black. The had my hair like Misa's although mine isn't blonde lol. I then bought a black notebook from Partners & printed off the 'Death Note' cover & stuck it on~like i said last minute cosplay!

I hope to actually make the proper arm-pieces & an actual death note in future & possibly buy a blonde wig.

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Use PunkyFish Dress
Buy Arm Warmers
Buy Hair Bands & Choker
Buy Some Tights xDD
Find Some Boots
Make Arm-pieces
Make a Death Note xDD
Re-make Arm & Leg Warmers
Add Chains To Bottom Of The Dress
Buy Fishnets!
Re-make Death Note

Total cost: £0.00

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