Yuna (Songstress) - Final Fantasy X-2


My first ever cosplay ^^ made by myself & my mum xDD

I bought a blue vest top with a V-neckline for around £6 from one of my mum's catalogs lol. I then bunched it up & the bottom & sewed it in place. I then bought some silk-like fabric in a baby-blue colour from my local fabric store for the ruffles & side skirt. We cut the fabric into strips & sewed them into tubes. Then using the sewing machine made the 'ruffled' effect & then simply sewed them onto the top. With the left over fabric we made the side skirt.

For the skirt i bought some strechy black lace & a skirt pattern. My mum just followed that to made the skirt & then put some elastic round the top as we couldn't put a zip in it.

For the arm warmers i bought some royal blue chiffon from cheapfabrics.com
I measured it to my arms then cut a rectangle shape with a cirle at the top so that when folded over they look like yunas ^^ then just hemed & sewed. To hold them in place i just used some thick black-elastic. For the cris-cross pieces on the arm i bought some thin black elastic & sewed them together however they didnt seem to stay in place for long.

Then i used some black boots but i now have some brown ones to use in future. I made her earring myself using filmo clay for the beads & embroidary thread for the tassle.

I still need to buy a suitable wig at some point & make the hair-tail.

Cost Notes~
Light Blue Fabric (For ruffles and side-skirt) and Black Lace~ £25 from FabricBox
New Look Skirt Pattern~ £5 from FabricBox
Royal Blue Chiffron~ £2.50 from CheapFabrics.com
Blue Vest~ £6

Blinx posted on 30 September, 2008 - 20:34
Wow looks awsome!

Moonchild posted on 1 October, 2008 - 13:42
aww thanks ^^ i dont as yet have the wig tho so wasn't as good as it could have been xDD but thanks xDD

Holli posted on 6 January, 2009 - 19:51
awww love ur costume ^_^... the materil u used for the skirt look really good :), oh...and and my yuna wig was from ebay.. not a yuna wig.. jsut a flicky wig i found.. was about £14 with fress postage! =D

Make Top with ruffles & Side-skirt
Make Mini-skirt
Make Arm Warmers & cris-cross elastics
Find Boots
Buy A Blue Belt
Make Yuna's Earring
Find & Style A Wig
Make Yuna's Hair-Tail
Re-make side-skirt

Total cost: £0.00

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