Ila (Anime) - Rune Soldier Louie





Hoping to do this at some point with my wonderful friends as a Rune Soldier group ^_^ Just need a Louie...

Ila = Member of the Magician's Guild and Louie's friend. Despite many attempts to get Louie on a date, their relationship remains platonic and open much to her dismay.... (huh? has she noticed Louie is.... Louie?!)

Although highly knowledgeable in magic theory and magical item lore, her chief area of study, Ila herself claims to be inferior to Louie in raw magical prowess.
She also tends to go to pieces and pass out whenever trouble surfaces on adventures she tags along with.

In the manga, Ila's character is more sultry than in the anime and she especially enjoys getting Louie flustered by flirting with him.


NightmareWings posted on 26 January, 2011 - 22:41
I cant wait for this! You will look so cute.