Miku Hatsune (Rolling Girl) - Vocaloid 02





Contemplating on doing this sometime in 2012... Not sure though because that wig is pretty expensive...


At the moment, it's holding its place as my favourite Vocaloid song of all time strongly. I just love it, I never thought I'd actually do a Miku cosplay to be honest, but I'd love to pay tribute to the song and video!

I seem to be getting my way through tons of Vocaloids orz.


LemonPanda posted on 25 January, 2011 - 21:17
I adorrreeeeeee~<3 rolling girl~your gonna look great!~ all bashed and bruised and whuattt not~ 8'D

chiceesugar posted on 28 January, 2011 - 10:15
MY Vocaloid song =DD (Defiantly joint favorite with many :'D) I cannot WAIT to see this *_____*

KiraraYumi posted on 31 January, 2011 - 20:18
You'll look amazing^^ I feel the same way, I'm veeeery tempted to cosplay this version of Miku...this song is amazing and so touching. I cried like 20 times in a row after replying it ;__;

Progress Journal

23rd April 2012

Wig test

I just... had to... Styled a wig, gotta put it on!

Threw on some clothes in my wardrobe too. Don't have a pink skirt unfortunately, will be making that when I actually get a date for this costume...

Didn't have the right bandages either and couldn't be arsed to put any make up on. I threw this on before dinner and didn't want to make my flatmates think I was a complete weirdo for pratting about like I've just been in a warzone XD

23rd April 2012

Miku wig styled

Actually got my wig ages ago, bought from limegreenjelly :)
When I got it I was busy at the time so didn't really get the chance to style it. Finally back at Uni where I left the wig and have a bit of spare time as it's still the Easter holidays for me and I was missing cosplay so thought I'd cut myself a fringe!

Just basic trimming and feathering to get a natural look. Added a touch of Got 2B Glued spiking gel to the tip of the middle bit too just so it stays together. When I come to wear it for real though I will give it a spray of freeze spray so that it all stays in place, but it's a bit pointless doing that now as it's just going to get squished in the bag.

Need to give the pigtails hot water treatment, they're still fairly tangled even after giving it a comb ;_;