Switch / Kazuyoshi Usui (School Uniform) - Sket dance


AmeCon 2008




Hitachiin™ the Jump Samurai: "I just thought I'd tell you that you're cosplaying Switch on the Sunday of Ame
and you're in charge of making Bossun's helmet
you get to use a pennyfloater, so I'm sure that makes you happy"

...and that basically explains that XD Although, the plan to make Bossun's helmet from a penny floater ended up failing...head was too big (well, wasn't really but the ball shrank @.@) so a cheap plastic army helmet and nice, shiney, leftover 'scooter red' paint came to the rescue there...still needs horns making for it though.

Anyway, this cosplay was basically sorted after two productive shopping trips to town where I discovered that Primark has the brilliant logic to only sell sweater vests during christmas time and to instead sell long sleave jumpers during summer...thankfully there was always Matalan, even if it did involve having to cut an old lady shirt from it...at least you can't tell XD;


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