James (Team Rocket ) - Pokemon




I love this cosplay, not as much as Miyuki but still, i've always wanted to do team rocket as i love them <3

The costume was really easy to make, as i had most of the stuff at home alreadyalthough i had to get my frined (pictured as Jessie) to do the top for me, it was also easier because then we'd be able to be sure they match. i got regognised LOADS, everyone wanted to take pictures of us, it was awesome :)

I had so much fun in this cosplay.

The hardest part, as usual with my cosplays, was the wig, we had to buy it last minute after the really nice one we bought on eBay ran out of stock :(

I'll definately do it again sometime, hopefully with some other pokemon cosplayers, and a new wig. I hate this one, it makes me look fat :P


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