Bossun / Yusuke Fujisaki (School Uniform) - Sket dance


AmeCon 2008




Hitachiin™ the Jump Samurai: "btw, can you cosplay Bossun on Sunday day of Ame?
yeah, I thought so.
the helmet is taken care of, so don't worry about it."

That is all I need to say about this one lol.

The only thing left to do is make the helmet but that's Switch's job. That just leaves to to sit on my ass and look retarded...err...clever. Just like THE MAIN CHARACTER should be! Ahem.

Oh and obviously I'm doing this as part of a group, with Hitachiin as Himeko and Frazzy as Switch.

[Edit] Moving to 'COMPLETE'. It's been complete for a while now actually...
Photos to come when I get my helmet back and when Himeko gets around to covering her shame...errr...finishing the skirt.


Shuya posted on 27 June, 2008 - 18:21
cool glad to see some other people cosplaying from this manga. I've seen quite a lot of Himeko and switch's, but I have yet to see Bossun. Don't drink cola