Amane Misa - Death Note




This cosplay I am happy with… FINALY … well I should say partly… the only thing that lets it now and my self is the lack of wig >.<“

I’ve been meaning to get one for a while but I keep forgetting …. BUT I shall be getting one soon… when I next get paid I am hoping.

I must admit thought I did have a little bit of help from my mum this time, but hay there is nothing wrong with that now is there ;D

Anyways I do like this cosplay very much and I did get recognised quiet a bit and it made my happy and proud compared to my other cosplay~

Hardest part of this cosplay would say was, finding and making the right top and let along getting the ribbon to be nice and place like how it should do.
The easiest of it all was the socks and shoes as well there not hard to come by now lol xD


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