Gumi Megpoid - Vocaloid 2


I really like Gumi's voice, and she's quite different to the characters I usually choose (male, purple etc).
But she looks fun and pretty easy and cheap to make!
So why the hell not 8D

And I've just realised that this is the first female costume I'll have worn to an Expo. . . GEEZUS.

EDIT: Can't afford to make this in time for London Expo, so prolly wear it to Manchester Expo instead :D

Clover-tan posted on 22 January, 2011 - 00:36
Gumi-chan~! <3 ^__^ Miku-chan shall see you at the expo~! :D

Cuffs and Collar
Buy Wig
Orange cotton
Yellow cotton
Yellow organza
White cotton
Green contact lenses
White boots
White netting

Total cost: £0.00

27th January 2011


Sooo, today I made the pattern and cut out all the orange for the waistcoat. But my fingers are now frozen and I keep stabbing myself with pins >_< No more for today. . .

26th January 2011


I shall hopefully be off into town to get some of the fabric for this :D Prolly just the white, yellow and orange cotton, but that's the majority of the costume. . . Need to start on the patterns soon aswell. . .

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