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I need to stop adding more cosplays as I have too many to work on already >.<, but SSX was one of my favourite games when I was younger, SSX3 being the best, but I loved them all (except Blur the new one, on wii, it's just a crappier version of tricky which was epic) Anyway, Elise was always my favourite character, so it was only natural that I cosplay her at some point.

It's a fairly easy cosplay, I plan on doing her Black trousers and White jacket at first but may do some of her other well known ones too, such as the red jacket. I already have the wig, and I do have black jeans, but was thinking of maybe getting some of those wet look ones.

I MAY make a snowboard to go with it, but I haven't decided yet.

This'll just be for a meet probably, or for the night of an expo~ Either way can't wait to be the Canadian Bombshell (L)


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21st January 2011


I decided that it wouldn't be Elise without a snowboard so I have started making one, so far I've cut out the shape( out of Cardboard), smoothed the edges down (Parcel tape) and have given the back one coat of paint. I've also got a design in mind for the back, and have figured out a way to make it not bend (as it currently is in 6 different places) so once I get paid I'll get what I need for that and the jacket and then she's almost done apart from the red leg warmer type things, but she does also wear just plain black jeans too. Either way I'm hoping she'll be done enough when (IF) we get more snow.