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Kitacon III (2011)




Lest you think alllll my cosplays are Hetalia, here is something slightly more obscure.

I am a huge LEXX fan; I don't like much television sci-fi (compared to films or books), but this was such an imaginative and non-cliched series. And so egalitarian with the fanservice- Zev/Xev or Kai, take your pick.
Anyway. Although Second Xev was lovely, better-recognised, and had an excellent lizardskin frock, I don't think the original Zev gets enough love.

If you kno nothing of LEXX- first, seek it out... second: Zev is a formerly hideous woman (who grew up in a box on the planet B3K), transformed into a standard-issue beautiful love slave as punishment for humiliating her husband in the temple. She got the looks and accelerated libido but the programming went wrong when it was interrupted by a Cluster Lizard, so she missed out on mental reprogramming (which instead went to the detatched head of a 790 model robot, who's insanely, horribly in love with her). She also received a portion of Cluster Lizard DNA, which fortunately goes mostly unseen.

I did a total dreck version of this for a fancy dress many years ago, with a cardboard 790, and I'm atoning for that by having a proper go at it now.

Outfit is made up of: dress, shoulder-harnessy-thing, belt, gauntlets, boots, and a robot head. I have to grow my original hair out by then (ugh, hairschedule) so I need a wig too.
So far I have the boots, almost the exact style. They were sort of expensive for cosplay (if you are cheap, i.e. me) but cool things to have around, so that's acceptable.
Currently searching for suitable black rubber matting to make the prison-transport halter, gloves and belt out of. I've sent my dad to nick some from work.

Dress, which will be fun and probably get some non-cosplay use, is made from bias-cut silver devore velvet. That's velvet wot has a pattern burned into it on a sheer background. Devore is quite expensive and hard to find. Was going to get plain silk velvet and dye/burn the pattern in DIY style, but the place that used to sell cheap silk velvet no longer does. But! I found a rollend of ivory stretch devore (mesh base, not silk) which has the perfect pattern, so I just have to dye it. It burn tests as rayon so that will not be difficult.

Wig will require some styling, and Zev's hair is halfway between silver and very pale blue, so I might give it a superficial spraypainting. (It won't be used for anything else so it can be left in that style.) I bought a silver-grey-lilac wig as the colour looked closer but it's not here yet.

Robot head will probably be of plastazote, since I have sheets of it around the house. He needs to be robust, so I can throw him around when he starts getting irritating.

Hoping to finish this for Kitacon '11... if you are there, and a LEXX fan also, please make thyself known! I'd like to be recognised by at least one person. ;-)


Manjou posted on 20 January, 2011 - 23:19
Awesome! Can't wait to see this at Kita! :D Yo Way Yo Home Va Ray Yo Way Rah Jerhume Brunnen-G! XD

Rice Pudding posted on 10 February, 2011 - 14:19
I hope it will not disappoint! (and now I am all sad from thinking of the Brunnen-Ji song.)