Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
How to Train Your Dragon

Cosplayer: MadameLapin

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th April 2012: PROGRESSION Nearly done, just need to add detail and the fur trim around the boots

6th April 2012: PROGRESS ... progress being the decision to use my hair

...and the waistcoat.

The wig I got was all wrong in colour, so even though I'll have roots and my hair will be a tad longer, I'm using my own hair for this cosplay. Well, for KitaCon anyway.
I accidentally ended up looking like Jamie from Doctor Who in this webcam, I'm not sure if I mind.

1st April 2012: Over a year since I did anything to this... oh dear. Basically, I recently ordered a wig for this (... 3 weeks ago), praying it arrives in time for KitaCon. I also bought a first waistcoat which I think looks great.
Will do some more material shopping soon, and will probably dye some linen or something to get the colours right. Also need to get a new brown eyeliner pencil to add the freckles... or go out in the sun and get some of my own :P

8th February 2011: Material I went to Birmingham to buy some material for Hiccup and there was a horrible lack of fur-like material to buy. I did buy some, but when i tried to make it look more rugged and textured, it just wasn't working. And it's the wrong colour. However, it does work for the boots quite well. I've gone on ebay and found some material that will probably work better, it's a little more yellowy than Hiccups (his is a more reddish one) and I also found some leather like material for his boots. Will order very soon (I need money).

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Anonymous - 18th January 2011


Mungojerrie avatar

Mungojerrie - 18th January 2011

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 18th January 2011
You really do look like him hun, good luck with it 8D

bakurakat avatar

bakurakat - 18th January 2011
This will work so well ;3; i look forward to seeing it!

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TheStarlightFairy - 18th January 2011
This will be awesome!

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Emzone - 18th January 2011
fff you'll be the cutest Hiccup ever 8DD

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Solaria - 19th January 2011
I really do look forward to this *3*

Thirteenthesia avatar

Thirteenthesia - 19th January 2011
Can't wait for this!
I don't suppose you'll be doing this for Ayacon? I'll be some form of Toothless, and my friend is doing Astrid...

MadameLapin avatar

MadameLapin - 23rd January 2011
OMG, such wonderful feedback. Thank you everyone.
@Raven: Unfortunatly, I won't be able to attend AyaCon becuase of lack of money. If some economical miracle happens and I can make it then I'll let you know ^^

NatalieNoodles avatar

NatalieNoodles - 23rd January 2011

I'm gonna make Astrid :)

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HotshotShan - 24th January 2011
Well I know what I'm looking forward to :P

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electricdino - 14th February 2011
Part of me is wishing I could go to Expo now so I could see this in person... bad times!! XD XD You're gonna look awesome though!! ^_^

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One-Winged-Chaos - 9th March 2011
Gaah, wish I could afford expo now just so I could hug you!! =[

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Devil_Trigger - 15th March 2011
I really can't wait to see you wear this 8D you'll make an awesome Hiccup!

electrospectrum avatar

electrospectrum - 25th July 2011
Adding Toothless to my planned section because I can. :3
This is going to be amazing, fun and definitely hilarious!

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cowiee - 17th April 2012
ahh look amazing!

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Yasmia - 17th April 2012
You looked awesome in this cosplay!

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Sephirayne - 20th April 2012
So much win for this.

electrospectrum avatar

electrospectrum - 20th April 2012
Best Hiccup. I can't wait for our Autumn shoot! :)

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CrystalNeko - 20th April 2012
Cannot... Get over... How you are... The BEST. HICCUP. EVEEEER.

NatalieNoodles avatar

NatalieNoodles - 21st April 2012
AMAZING HICCUP! <3 You were so comfy and cute and all Hiccup-like 8D <3

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sjbonnar - 24th April 2012
Been waiting for you to do this for ages! YOU ARE PERFECT as Hiccup!

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HarryKurt - 27th August 2014
You're such a great Hiccup! Beautiful cosplay. :)

iggie avatar

iggie - 2nd September 2014
You make such a perfect Hiccup <3 Amazing costume!

electrospectrum avatar

electrospectrum - 2nd September 2014
perfect hiccup with perfect photos <333

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Sephirayne - 3rd September 2014
Love the new photos. Your Hiccup is amazing.

MadameLapin avatar

MadameLapin - 5th September 2014
Thank you so much guys! I really love and appreciate the comments <3

White Tigress avatar

White Tigress - 18th November 2014
You make the perfect Hiccup! The new photographs are amazing!