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Kagura is the reason why I started cosplaying. The first character I have ever wanted to cosplay in fact. Haven't had the chance to cosplay her yet but one day!!
EDIT 19/09/11: So I started making Kagura's hair buns already. Why not prepare this for October!? Heck Im doing it,lets pray I finish this in time. I ordered a wig,fast shipping so it should come on time. I'm going to be so COLD though. Damn. -_-


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Progress Journal

11th October 2011

Might be able to cosplay Kagura for expo!!

Brought the main part of one of Kagura's outfit the chinese dress one a while ago. It arrived yesterday, I was supposed to use it for another character but its not working out well. So If I get a Kagura wig in time I might be able to cosplay her for expo. I think I already have the right umbrella for her already too! :3