Jeanne (Standard) - Bayonetta





I reeeeeeally want to do this, because someone I met at MCM has one of the most epic Bayonetta costumes, and I want to dance with her as Jeanne! Biggest problem right now - no idea where to start!!! Do I just edit a Zentai suit with some black ruffly fur and a few jewels for buttons? Or find a looser fitting jumpsuit? I'm excited, but lost! Any pointers would be amazing! Thanks!


montblanc posted on 29 January, 2011 - 15:29
heya ^^ thanks for the comment on my bayo. with the guns for jeanne when I helped my sister do them for hers they were constructed out of a cardboard base and carved foam layered in a couple of places. the feathers obviously were just large ostrich feathers we had and all the details on the guns was carefully painted after the surface of the foam had been prepped. not really sure what to tell you but I hope that helps in some way ^^

Jenivere posted on 29 January, 2011 - 21:45
Ok, cool, thanks. I think it'll just be trial and error! Any tips on attaching them to boots?