Grave Robber
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Cosplayer: 1000014

Variant: "Zydrate Anatomy" ~ Song

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

2nd March 2011: Wig is completeddddd Coat and wig are pretty much done now, been sitting in it all night.

Haven't done the makeup so well today though. Blame ill.

24th February 2011: Next Got a lace front wig now, and a clump of human hair to add to the wig for the streaks and such.

13th February 2011: GR So, after a whole heap of searching for coats I finally found one on ebay and won it..for under £10. That'll do me fine. I have a load of stuff to buy still, and will be making Z gun and bag myself. The wig will be a lace front one, as my hairline disagrees with non-fringe wigs :D. I've been practising the voice pretty much everyday also.

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Anonymous - 14th January 2011
Omg <3
I love this film :3 !!!
Icnat wait to see this :3

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emichoco - 19th January 2011
<33333 You get to be my Graverobber n_n that makes me so happy!
Fun musically-induced times ahead!

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1000014 - 23rd January 2011
Thanks both!

Emi, come and try MY new parts ;D

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Sephirayne - 13th February 2011
Looking really cool. I like the test photo.

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Acoustica - 13th February 2011
totally awesome! its a recent movie i'm into Absolutely love the sound track

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1000014 - 13th February 2011
Thanks both!!

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Jae - 16th February 2011
Repo! <3
I can't wait to see it finished ^^

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Anonymous - 18th February 2011

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1000014 - 18th February 2011

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Neverforever - 14th April 2011
This looks amazing, cant wait to see it finished ^^

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1000014 - 15th April 2011

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sjbonnar - 5th July 2011
Looking fantastic so far, I can't wait to see the end result ^_^

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MJquinn - 1st September 2011
Your doing this too for the expo!! SNAP!!! Yes 2 Pavis and Graverobbers :')