Pavi Largo
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Cosplayer: 1000014

Variant: "Night Surgeon" ~ Song

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th February 2011: Pavi So, I have pretty much everything for this now bar growing my hair long enough and the latex mask. Will be getting in touch with my latex guy shortly, popping off to his studio to do some work on this.

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Anonymous - 14th January 2011
Love love love this film <3
I cant wait to see this ;3

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Anonymous - 14th January 2011
SEXUAL! I want to make Amber Sweet sometime because I love Paris Hilton ): when I am fit hahahah

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emichoco - 18th January 2011
Hey luvvie hope you've seen this album I've found on Photobucks! TRES USEFUL! 8D

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Zomboi - 21st January 2011
also lol my brain twin (has been-a Pavi!)
I have an awsome hand mirror if you wanna borrow it!

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1000014 - 23rd January 2011
@miiol I love all the Ambers <3 and ladies...nurses...

@Emi thanks! Will be useful!

@Sin I didnt know!!! I, looking now on your CI

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1000014 - 23rd January 2011
Oh and thanks Paz!

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Anonymous - 4th February 2011
I'm hopeing to do blind mag for Oct now 8D !!
and my friend as a Gentern~

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1000014 - 13th February 2011
Haha, please more genterns xD

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kiichan - 2nd March 2011
Yeeees!! This is looking good!

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1000014 - 2nd March 2011

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MJquinn - 1st September 2011
YES!!! I may be Pavi for MCM October in London or Graverobber!!! :D What day are you doing this? :D

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1000014 - 25th September 2011
I am not sure yet! I will probably be doing either GR or Pavi now only, as another more favoured group has come up >_>;

What day are you doing it yourself?