Yuffie Kisaragi (Moogle Outfit) - Final Fantasy 7: Dirge Of Cerberus


Yuffie was Awesomely Fun to cosplay! i took ages on making her outfit. mainly cause it was my first ever proper cosplay and i was hand sewing as i had no sewing machine at the time ^^; but i was very proud of it once i was done. and i also got my dad to make the Awesome shuriken for me! it was MAHOOOOSIVE! but EPIC!

had to bin it last year though... was moving and didnt fit into any boxes TwT thoughroughly dissapointed >.<

cosplaymatt1 posted on 21 April, 2012 - 12:36
this is so cool =) my freinds thinking of doing a moogle disguise in case its cold ,for her origional / kingdom hearts cosplay this may.

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