Undertaker (Ball/Butler) - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)


Alcon 2010


Two seperate costumes, I've merged into one. They we're worn over Alcon, one based on offical art (Undertaker in Sebastian's Butler gear)and the other a mix-match of what I had taken to create a formal looking Undertaker for the Mask ball.

Butler!Undertaker was a suit and pink tie, normal shoes.He was worn mainly because I was working in the Cafe for an hour and normal gear is too restricting for such a job. :)

Ball!Undertaker was his main coat, shirt, waistcoat, and then same bottom garmets. I also wore his hat. Plus the pink tie. And, a mask even if you couldn't see if very well. I tied the wig back in a pony tail with a ribon to make it more victorn-esqe of a ball.

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