Fongling - Resident Evil: Dead Aim



About Fongling:

"Fong Ling was a female Intelligence Agent employed by her people's government as an Covert Agent of the Ministry of State Security. Ling was quickly distinguished as being infamous for her cold and stoic demeanor, especially when, upon learning of her brother's involvement in Anti-Government activism, Ling arrested her own brother and, when he was swiftly executed, Ling never questioned the actions of her superiors, remaining absolutely loyal, stopping at nothing to accomplish her objectives."

About the Cosplay:

I loved this game.. shortest Resi Game I've ever played but I loved it and still do! :D Always wanted to cosplay her, she's a great character, not sure when I'll have this done for but somepoint in 2011 :) x

Budget: £30
Actual Cost: £-

Leonie Heartilly posted on 27 January, 2011 - 00:35
YES! It's good to see more of the non-main storyline characters cosplayed =)

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