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Right! Basically I've always wanted to cosplay as Villetta Nu - she's just kick ass and awesome! :D But due to lack of funds I decided to go as he alter-ego Chigusa (from when she loses her memories) and dress in the clothes she wears at Ohgi's place. So here's what I'm hoping to do:

1. Wig. I have ordered a 48" silver wig for this cosplay and it cost me £22 ^_^ I think this was pretty decent! Considering the fact my yoruichi wig which was UBER short was £14 :P The fringe is slightly different to chigusa's but the length is good and the overall effect will hopefully be acheived! This may seem UBER long but I'm tall so it should be fine for me. Plus I've decided that it was a worthwhile investment :P I plan on cosplaying as aku yamine and possibly urd in the future and they both have whiteish hair - so money well spent! XD

2. Contacts. Chigusa has goldy eyes, so I'll be wearing my contacts from my yoruichi costume :) £15 (not included in overall price)

3. Green jumper. This was a pain in the butt. Basically I found a jumper that basically matched the colour and bought the HUGEST size possible (28, considering I'm a 12 this is pretty big on my ^_^;) so it hangs like the jumper-dress she wears :) £12

4. Pink apron! Yep, Chigusa is often seen in Ohgi's kitchen cooking up stuff on a wok, so pink apron it is! £12. Plus this will help cover up the shorted front side of my jumper XD

5. Small black shorts. (free - already own them) These are simply for decencies sake XD The jumpers length is fine at the back but short at the front, so I needed something! Plus I'd get really cold and self conscious if I didn't :P Don't particularly want to be molested on the tube home :P


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