Red Mage - Final Fantasy 9




09/03/11 - There are no, and will never be, any photos of this costume. It was done for lols and to be honest on the day bit were slowly being taken off. The black dress was comfortable (though it made my arms look huuuge) and the hat was a reasonable success. But no photos. Ever.

Damn you SephNoir! XD

So I've been persuaded not only to attend Midlands but also to make a Red Mage costume to wear with a sexy Kuja and an awesome Black Mage.

Should be fairly easy to make.

Also HAT! ^_^


SephNoir posted on 8 January, 2011 - 16:10
New comment because I just found this which may be useful: It's a littlle cut off but does show the back of her design! Can't wait for this! We're going to be so awesome!

Aqaia posted on 11 January, 2011 - 01:10
Cute mage ^_^