Leliana (Sacred Ashes Armour) - Dragon Age Origins





You can probably tell that I love Dragon Age, Leliana's personality makes me giggle...especially the shoe obsession, playing the DLC 'Leliana's Song' was a nice insight into her as well. But my favourite of her appearences is no doubt her Sacred Ashes armour, it's intense and I love it. I modded her appearence in game so that she wears this armour and has darker, blood red hair.

This is my goal cosplay for once I've lost the weight I want to lose and tone up. I'm working on it and getting there slowly! I want to get some practise in for Leliana's armour, the plan is to nag my uncle about teaching me to tool leather, he did a lot of that a while back. The only piece so far that pattern wise will take some thinking about is the breastplate but I'm sure something can be done about that.

But guys, if you ask me about my 'fruit' I won't be quite as easy going about it as Leliana was....


BabemRoze posted on 7 January, 2011 - 23:50
Eeeee! I've been playing dragon age all week XD dying to get my figure down so I can cosplay Witherfang :P lol This outfit is gorgeous O_O

Kaythenia posted on 8 January, 2011 - 00:58
Oooh! Witherfang! That will be quite the make up job, I can help out with that if you like, I love doing the slightly theatrical stuff. And Yep, I loves the Leliana. Her armour is just too epic to pass up, check out the Sacred Ashes trailer on youtube to see it in action!