Tails 'Miles' Prowler - Sonic Adventure


Midlands MCM Expo 2011

Judge Award for the Masqurade at MCM Midlands Expo 2011*




Here is another commission made by Darkie! ^^
We are doing a Sonic Adventure group for Midlands expo.
I agreed to be Tails ^^

Hope you'll like the end result!! ^^


Lady-Aira posted on 8 January, 2011 - 14:59
wow so many sonic people at midlands expo!!! We're being Team Chaotix too!! 8D

Zedela posted on 8 January, 2011 - 15:05
Wow really? Awesome sause!!!! we'll have to try to meet up there >3

gaming_goddess posted on 1 July, 2011 - 23:01
such an amazing Tails - he's my fav sonic character and your mascot suit is amazing :D Excellent job - just wanna squish you :P