Haruhi Suzumiya (Retired)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Cosplayer: WhatsersCosplay

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

19th May 2011: Nearly there The skirt was taken in with help from my Gran again (she helped with my Knight cosplay too).
However now I just need shoes. I know where I can get them from, it's just a case of hoping my budget for the end of this month allows it D; I only get paid the day before Expo so I might just have to go for it and buy them soon.

I also need to iron the ribbon on the headband because it's creased to buggery :'D

31st January 2011: I can has cosplay? So in the end I've bought the full cosplay off of Ebay because in all honestly I don't have the sewing skills to pull one together from scratch.

I did however get it cheaper than I've seen elsewhere which is good. The top is a good fit (the neck is a little small, I had fun trying to tak it off >_<) but the skirt is a little big at the waist and longer than I would have liked (I didn't want it super short but this is knee length). Fortunately this is sorted by rolling the skirt over at the waistband once and covering it with the belt ;P but I might have a go at adjusting it a little myself.

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Anonymous - 17th February 2011
I love your Haruhi.

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WhatsersCosplay - 17th February 2011
Thank you <3

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otakugirl - 15th March 2011
Kawaii Haruhi !

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Anime_Angel - 15th March 2011
WEHEYYY, another Haruhi cosplayer^__^ always a great option to be in that costume^_^ I did the very same with the bunny ears^__^

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WhatsersCosplay - 18th March 2011
Thanks! ^__^ I love the uniform, it's so cute. Can't wait to wear it to Expo.