Dr Frank'n'Furter (Lab coat version) - The Rocky Horror Picture Show





Again, someone I wish to cosplay. This one should be achievable if I just get the wig...


Akaiba posted on 10 July, 2008 - 00:07
Omg... i love Dr Frank'n'Furter!!! Rocky Horror is so awesome you definately have to do this one!!! X3

1000014 posted on 10 July, 2008 - 00:41
hahah it is definitly in the works :D

Akaiba posted on 10 July, 2008 - 09:46
You have to tell me where your wearing this to so i can 'accidentally' bump into you! ^^

1000014 posted on 13 July, 2008 - 11:57
lol im not sure yet!!! ill tell you

Captain_Marvelous posted on 2 April, 2009 - 10:17
SONIC WIN ATTACK!!! this is amazing ^^ cant wait to see it ^^ I did rocky horror show for my A2 drama exam :) I was franky ^.^ please do this :)

SaffronJay posted on 24 December, 2013 - 15:26
Excuse me you need to get this done D, pronto! I can't take the antici...pation