Aiji (Rock the LM.c) - LM.c


AmeCon 2007




This was a project and a half.

Me and Miiol agreed to cosplay LM.c.

The one piece itself was a workmans one from some company.

I have a whole post on one of my Myspace blogs how it was made. But here is a rough breakdown of what happened:

We had to cut the arms off, to make the hood.

The legs were rolled up and sewn into place.

Miiol supplied the patches, which were iron on. They worked like a charm.

The badges were random ones from ebay..(I dropped one down the toilet....)

Attached a chain to the costume, I think that was pretty much it!!

The hair was the worst and best thing I think. It cost me £96 or something.

I spent about 5 hours in the hairdressers while he went crazy with the colours.

This has been one of the funnest cosplays I have done though.


Anonymous posted on 3 July, 2008 - 16:26
I loved cosplay with you :DDD you were a great Aiji :DD \m/ EVEN THOUGH WE ENDED UP IN SIIIIILENT HILL

1000014 posted on 3 July, 2008 - 16:34
Gleee :D I loved it tooo....and yes... What did LMC do to deserve that!