Lilith 'Siren' (With Claptrap) - Borderlands

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I've been so bleh with cosplay lately but Lilith is one that I've wanted to do forever and I WILL get her done. onceIhaveajobandmoney;;

I wasn't going to put this up but I'm just too excited to do this. Ever since I first watched the beginning scene of Borderlands I knew that I'd be the girl, Lilith, I didn't even glance at the guys XD She's awesome, and her phasewalking is so handy while playing XD I love her attitude and kick-ass-ness, so yes, I can't wait to cosplay her.

But wait, there's more! As well as cosplaying her I plan to make an almost life size Claptrap A.K.A Cl4p-tp interplanetary ninja assassin or that cute little yellow robot <3 I'm hoping to make him about thigh height on me, and I'll put him along on his little wheel, I'm pretty sure I'm insane for attempting this but the second I thought of it my mind went into overdrive, planning, budgeting and the likes, as this is something I want to get perfect she wont be done for OctExpo'11 anymore, sometime in 2012 for sure~


Alyx posted on 27 January, 2011 - 20:39
Wicked!! Borderlands ftw!! who knows maybe i'll just have to get started on moxxi and bring her along in oct! <3

CyanideCustard posted on 4 February, 2013 - 17:01
A siren! i'm in luck, skedaddle like a good lil girl and charge me that key!

cowiee posted on 19 March, 2013 - 15:55
Looking good, loving the contacts!

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Progress Journal

4th June 2013

Actual progress

I've actually done something on this costume holycraponastick. Starter the neck...thing. Used a bit of upholsterers foam to make it more sturdy and then ran lines of thread across it to give it more of a quilted look then just a netted look, though I may add netting later. I know it's not strictly the right colour, I'm using scraps as I'm broke at the moment, but the dirtying process has made it alot darker. I also customised and made dirty a pair of gloves. A lot of Borderlands cosplayers I've seen keep the same image as the game, the kind of drawn on dirt and detail, which I love but I wanted to kind of make a more realistic Lilith so I'm going to be filthy just like you would be running around on Pandora XD

4th June 2013

wig and contacts

Just moving this here as I prefer having progress in the journals now ^^

19th March 2013

2 years later RESTART

This is one of the cosplays that really shouldn't actually take that long to do but just keeps getting pushed aside AND IM NOT REALLY SURE WHY. I absolutely love Lilith and Borderlands, she's a kickass character and I /need/ to get this cosplay done.
I've actually found a top that would work perfectly for her, and am looking into getting the rest of the stuff.
I'm not working at the moment so I thought I'd make the most of my free time by getting this and Sugar Rush done in time for May Expo, just most likely without Claptrap.
So lets do this...?? hopefully ;_;

18th January 2011


So I've found a set of toy guns online that I like and will be buying soon, I'm hoping they will be good enough, it's a sniper apparently but it looks more like an SMG I use in the game and it also has a little pistol in the pack, so hopefully they will be good enough, I've also found some possible wigs, but wont be buying any of them for a few months as I'm so poor right now XD but I do have ages to do this though so I don't know why I'm doing stuff for it already XD

4th January 2011

Planning and research

So far I've just been window shopping, well window internet shopping, I've found some contacts which will be perfect for a good price as well as a few wigs that should work well with her. I've also been looking for wheels, and have found one that should work but I need to do more planning before I buy anything for the Claptrap. I also found some great references for all of the guns in Borderlands so I'll be deciding which one to go for soonish, and will I'm sure be making a trip to Toy's R Us to see what I can customise in the toy gun department. So so far everything seems to be going well, but it should be considering I've got 10months to do this XD