Devil May Cry 3

Cosplayer: 1000014

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 19th June 2008
Do you remember what we used to say? :DDDD


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1000014 - 19th June 2008
LOL I want toooo I am close to begging the girl at work xDD

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Odd-One-Out - 3rd July 2008
Vergil cosplayers instantly get 100% access to my cool books.

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Anonymous - 3rd July 2008
Looking good sexyface!! :D I can do the wig anytime, it is a simple thing! If not I will catch you on MSN for tips if you like? Even giving it a trim would be simple if it needs to be done. :)

BTW I finished our necklaces almost - just gotta give the gold one a final coat! GODDAMN my finger is blistered from the heat! XD

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1000014 - 3rd July 2008
odd one out=thank you :D

Miiol-I will send the wig on if I can pack it safely.

OR. You can come and visit me :D

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Anonymous - 4th August 2008
nice costume!

i especially like the coat and wig :)

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1000014 - 4th August 2008
Thanks! The wig still need styling, itll be done before Ame.

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Anonymous - 6th August 2008
You can sing "vergil" to the tune of "barney" like the cartoon about the dog barney.

Just sayin'.

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1000014 - 6th August 2008

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Uni - 13th August 2008
O wow!!! you look awesome! : O

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1000014 - 13th August 2008
Thanks ^^

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Anonymous - 23rd February 2009
GODDAMN! Cut me of a slice off that~ (snow) XDDDDDDD

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1000014 - 23rd February 2009

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ShadowxSong - 24th February 2009
Oh WOW just saw the new pictures and they are AWESOME please post them on DA so I can fav 'em lol Those are some of the BEST Vergil cosplay pictures I've seen. So in character @_@

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1000014 - 25th February 2009
Thankyou very much! I will if I get round to it, I have to do a a lot of work for uni today.

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Anonymous - 3rd March 2009
awesome! ^__^
nicely done

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emichoco - 6th March 2009
I have some crack photos of this! including the video of you arm-wrestling Shazz as Bokura! 8DD

you know what. I don't know if you've ever considered it, but after this cosplay, I am determined to see you cosplay Dragonov from Tekken. It's like a spitting image!!! xx

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1000014 - 9th March 2009

emichoco@ Ohhh my god lol, can I see that video sometime??? Actually, Dragonov would be pretty fun xD. I may have a pop at that one of the days xD

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Mothfox - 30th November 2009
very nice cosplay indeed ^.^ i like the snow ones

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1000014 - 24th January 2010

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Anonymous - 24th January 2010
You need to cosplay this again please :P

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1000014 - 24th January 2010
Do I have my Dante? <3.

Actually I may be doing it sometime with a female Virgil! yikes!

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Numta - 18th June 2010
cool Vergil!

Im planning on cosplaying him too as some point, any chance you could let me know what those boots were listed under on ebay? ^_^

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1000014 - 27th June 2010
Erm, brown boots I think that was it. They are harley davidson boots; and ebay doesnt seem to have them anymore. I'm looking on the official HD website but cant find em either

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Chickenbits - 2nd November 2010
This one was so cool! :3 Oh and I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind ^^*

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1000014 - 3rd November 2010
Thats fine of course!!! I really liked doing this again :D. Ill add ye back.

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Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 17th January 2016
Wow look amazing

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1000014 - 12th June 2016
Thank you!