America "Alfred F. Jones" (Loyalist) - Axis Powers: Hetalia





Instead of being the America that lead the Great Rebellion, I was the America that fought during the French Indian War and stayed loyal to my Empire even as the words of revolution began being whispered across the land. There actually were a lot more loyalists during the Revolutionary War then usually perceived, especially at the beginning.

We began discussing the idea of Alfred being mentally and almost physically torn over sides because of that, and Loyalist!America was born. This side of him, however, is willing to do anything or be anything that his Empire wishes of him. And, of course, it will obviously end in tragedy....

This was my most expensive costume up to that point. Heavensealed and I wanted to have our jackets be historically accurate and so we both purchased red wool and white clothe similar to what the original uniforms would have been made of. I did have to cut some corners due to being in school at the time and only having a couple of weeks to finish it before our scheduled school in Boston. I keep saying I'd like to resew it, but at this point I'll probably just leave the costume as is and placed what I've learned into making a better Continental Army uniform.


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