Nadeko Sengoku

Cosplayer: PockyKai

Variant: Casual Outfit (Opening Outfit)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

25th May 2011: Nadeko Sengoku Progress Report 3 My cospay is DONE!... well pretty much... everything that needs to be sewn is sewn... its just i dont have the right jeans... so im gonna borrow some from my mum on friday so there ready for sat!

19th May 2011: Nadeko Sengoku Progress Report 2 :) Jacket whilst uncomfertable to wear..... is done!! well almost, ive gotta add buttons, pockets and the bow thats on the back. Also the hat is urm... was done... i made it before anything else and so its in a different colour and fabric to my jacket... so i gotta re-make it >.< booo...

Ah well more fun i guess,
Gotta make the Purple Tee as well :3 luckily i already have the jeans and similar looking boots ^^

15th May 2011: Nadeko Sengoku Progress Report 1 Well... Ive bought the materials.


I've made her hat.... However because i made it before i got the new materials, its slightly a stronger orange than the material ive bought. Sooooo Gonna have to remake it.... Poo :(

But Never the less it shall be worth it... plusi can just take peices from the old hat and use them on the new one so it SHOULDNT be that difficult lol.


Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 19th May 2011
Yaay! The snake >:3 I'll look out for this :D Nadeko's is my favourite out of the OPs of Bakemonogatari :D

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Anonymous - 29th May 2011
Love the BJD so much! And yes the cosplay is nive one too ^^