Blazblue: Calamity Trigger/Continuum Shift

Cosplayer: PockyKai

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

15th May 2011: Taokaka Progress Report 2 *coughs* Had to Send Taokaka's Costume to the bottom of the pile of Cosplays i plan to do, I just need an easier cosplay to start off with before i can finish her, because making the costume was honestly stressing me out, and then i ran out of material and couldnt find any stuffing for the paws... Oh god it was a disaster.

So now shes been put on hold, and if i can finish her before the October MCM Expo then ill Cosplay her there :) Otherwize it will be anothehr year before shes finished lol.

9th January 2011: Taokaka Progress Report 1 Oh yeh! im so making it sound like im on a mission! xD

well it this outfit at the moment is feeling like a bluddy mission >.<

Started making my Taokaka Cosplay during the week, after visiting 2 different fabric shops to find the right fabric, still not happy with the first fabric i got, but im still using it as i dont have enough of the second fabric to make the whole outfit.

At the moment it seems to be going okay. ive got the basic shape and what not down. had a little incident on shortness of the dress/coat, but i sorted it out...

Also had a Sewing Machine breakdown, My sewing machine, i affectionatly named Yuuki, likes to have fits every now and again. this means when ever im trying to sew something on it, the top thread breaks and i have to re thread it every other minute... and this gets rather frustrating to the point where i start stabbing Yuuki with the scissors that tend to be in my hand. So im having to hand sew things untill i can get my nan to teach me how to use her awesome 'inside the table' old school sewing machine! :3

but yeh, tomorrow im gonna try and get her to teach me, so i can sort out the sleaves and paws ^^

well thats all to report today! expect another one soon! :D


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Anonymous - 4th January 2011
Good luck with this :D Tao is awesome meow >w<

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Limegreenjelly - 4th January 2011
Excellent choice Tao is awesome :3 Mew! If you got any questions just let me know I did Tao in October Expo just gone :)

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My__RoadOfBlood - 4th January 2011
Good luck with this!