Nakano Yamato

Cosplayer: macaronic

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

22nd February 2011: 02 Before heading out to find a matching blazer or fabric for the blazer, I thought it would go fine since the maroon of the skirt was very red in my mind.

Turns out it's far more purpley red than I thought. Impossible to find any garment or fabric that was /exactly the same colour/. :|

To solve this, on our trip to Singer's today, I settled with Derby cotton which was a light maroon colour-- redder and lighter than what I was going for-- and bought some Dylon 'Burlesque Red' dye. Hopefully that'll work. I wish they still did the little one-off pots of dye, they were cheap.

I'll have a go at dyeing the fabric soon.

15th February 2011: 01 Should have done this earlier |D

So far I have; received my maroon/burgundy skirt and shortened/hemmed it, twice, because it was pretty long. Ironing the pleats works a little bit, so at least there is a vague notion of pleated-ness at the hem of the skirt.

My wig has arrived and thankfully it doesn't have a parting-- instead it has a very very long fringe which can be swept to either side. This is great since I was having such a panic re: NO WIG-SELLERS HAVE WIGS WITH YAMATO'S PARTING. It's incredibly soft and shiny!

Legwarmers are... pretty cheap and bad quality. But I have them. I'll be wearing them with white cotton socks, possible sock glue to hold them up, and a pair of schoolshoes I found which I had purchased years ago to cosplay Dokuro-chan. So they have skulls draw on the bottom in Sharpie. |D oops.

Right now I'm sort-of waiting for money to appear out of nowhere so that I can buy fabric to make her blazer so that it matches colours with the skirt, uniform-style. It's double-breasted and has a specific design...

NoireHu. avatar

NoireHu. - 6th October 2011
Oh wow, I never saw this at Kita! These cosplays are really good! ~ Great work you two ~ :3

macaronic avatar

macaronic - 13th January 2012
Thank you! We wore them pretty early on in the con, the Friday I think, so no wonder XD