Kaileena (Red dress) - Prince of Persia: Warrior Within




I just can't do props, might try them in the future but for now I really can't so I'm getting one sword (I don't want to carry around two all day!) and her necklace commissioned and I'll make the dress, boot covers, arm thingies and belts myself. Also I've got medium length dark brown hair, which will be longer by the time May comes around so I know it may seem sinful to some but I can't be bothered with a wig tbh.
I'm thinking of making it in two parts rather than one but that may make ith ard to use the toilet so we'll see how it goes!


nanahara posted on 2 January, 2011 - 14:43
AWSOME XD, if I was going to May Expo I'd so cosplay from POP as well. It's one of my all time fav game series and you'll look amazing ^^

Progress Journal

2nd January 2011


I have some underwear that I think I can use for the top half of the outfit as far as shaping and fit is concerned :)

Fuck off am I posting an image. Perverts.