Sasuke Uchiha (Casual) - Naruto (Anime)

In Progress




My first cosplay so don't expect it to be super duper awesome :P
Basically I'm wearing stuff which I got for Christmas (Yes, lots of it does fit in with Sasu-kun)
Green & Black Stripy Hoodie
Black Skinnies (Hardest bit I think, because of how tall I am xD )
Black Converses (Already got these, hurrah!)
Kunai (I'll probably get these in TokyoToys)
T shirt, TT too
Wig, I'll probably get this at TT too but depends on how much and if they're too expensive then I'll save up for next time :D

You may think WHY am I getting everything at TokyoToys?
Well, Newcastle certainly does NOT have an cosplay shops, only pocky shops and ones which sell dirty manga if you know wot I mean xD

I'm expecting for this NOT to go down very well but I'll learn from my mistakes and improve for next time!

When am I doing this?
February 22nd @ Tokyotoys, London


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