Costume :Jill Valentine
Variant :Original game outfit
Source :Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2011

Costume Photos

(Resident) Evil Dead


Do I trust this herb...?


Searching For Clues

Solving Puzzles

Will You Take This Knife?

Entering the Unknown

In the Halls of the RPD

Valentine vs. Nemesis

October Expo 2011

Black and White


Costume Information

Time Taken : 6+ hours

Worn at:
London MCM Expo May 2011 (Saturday)
London MCM Expo October 2001 (Saturday morning and early afternoon)
FushiCon 2011 (Sunday)
Kitacon IV 2012 (Friday)
Amecon 2012 (Sunday)

For the most part, prices on the shopping list include postage.

About Jill:
Jill Valentine was a member of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team; part of an elite taskforce operating as a branch of the Raccoon City Police Department.
She was one of the few members to survive the Arklay Mountain incident, where she and her teammates were betrayed by their captain and used to gather combat data on Umbrella's bioweapons. Nobody believed the survivors' story and S.T.A.R.S. was soon disbanded. But Jill and the others would not rest until Umbrella was brought to justice. While the other S.T.A.R.S. members headed to Europe, Jill remained in Raccoon City and was soon caught up in the outbreak that occured in September of 1998. Teaming up with surviving members of Umbrella's Biohazard Countermeasure Service, she made one last attempt at escaping the violence. However, failure came close when she was infected with the T-virus by Nemesis, a bioweapon Umbrella sent after the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members. Saved by Carlos Oliveira, the two escaped the city moments before its destruction.
"Cheerful and independent, Jill has a strong sense of justice. Though she has a healthy emotional side, she is a talented woman with strong will and excellent judgement." (Resident Evil 3 Nemesis information booklet character description)


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Progress is looking awesome! Can't wait to see it finished. :D

by Alinthia on Tuesday, 25 January, 2011 - 18:49
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Looking Gr8 so far =3 x

by animekid3000 on Tuesday, 25 January, 2011 - 19:20
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Thank you both :)

by Quinzel on Tuesday, 25 January, 2011 - 21:55
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Progress looks great, can't wait to see this finished!

by My__RoadOfBlood on Tuesday, 1 February, 2011 - 10:45
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This is looking awesome! Can't wait to see the result. :)

by Alinthia on Tuesday, 1 February, 2011 - 22:07
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Wow this is looking fabo! :D seriously great stuff! x

by Frederica la Noir on Thursday, 3 February, 2011 - 01:48
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Thanks again, all :). It's being a bit of a pain in the arse at times but I'm having fun ^_^.

by Quinzel on Sunday, 6 February, 2011 - 01:05
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Jill progress is coming out really well. ^^b

by Mangamad on Tuesday, 15 February, 2011 - 04:05
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looking good ^^

by nanahara on Sunday, 27 February, 2011 - 10:51
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Wow this looks awesome so far! You look beautiful with that hair style :D

by BabemRoze on Thursday, 3 March, 2011 - 21:21
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Aww, thank you ^_^ <3

by Quinzel on Friday, 4 March, 2011 - 00:38
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this is looking fab an i love the wallet :D

by J-Po on Saturday, 5 March, 2011 - 23:36
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Looking forward to this :D love the detail, great work :) and the wallet is ubber big points in my books :D!

by RevolverKitty on Monday, 14 March, 2011 - 22:28
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Thank you so much! ^_^

by Quinzel on Monday, 14 March, 2011 - 23:04
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I love the attention to deatil. Definetly one of the cosplays i'm looking forward to seeing most at expo x.

by FusionRose on Monday, 21 March, 2011 - 21:35
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Aw, thank you <3. You just totally made my day :')

by Quinzel on Monday, 21 March, 2011 - 23:51
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Why do I have a strange image in Manga's head with you, doing a similar scene where Agent Moldar (from X-files) shows his badge with a passion in the Simpsons Halloween Special. O~o?

by Mangamad on Wednesday, 23 March, 2011 - 03:04
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Hehe *pretends that wasn't the first thing she did when it arrived* XD

by Quinzel on Wednesday, 23 March, 2011 - 03:42
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Loving it, looking good! :D

by cowiee on Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 04:19
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So many girls just buy a boob tube and skirt and say that they're cosplaying Jill but you've actually put in the detail and you look amazing!
Specially love the ID and everything.
Just, awesome. <3

by NakedSalad on Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 19:51
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Thank you so much ^w^. Jill is one of my favourite characters so I really wanted to do a good job with her. I'm glad that you like it!

by Quinzel on Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 20:49
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Looks brilliant as if it was a scene in the game! Superb! Even the detail with the ID is amazing :D :D :D

by gaming_goddess on Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 21:29
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Oh this is looking great, hope I get to see it at the Expo.
I love the thought you've put into all the details and the props.

by Tsuchinoko on Saturday, 26 March, 2011 - 21:47
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looks great

by lycaneyes on Monday, 28 March, 2011 - 22:35
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Thanks for the nice comments everyone ^_^.
Tsuchinoko - If you do see me, say hi! I'd love to see your James cosplay and October seems too far away >.<.

by Quinzel on Tuesday, 5 April, 2011 - 00:21

You make the best Jill i've ever seen

by - on Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 15:14
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Aw, thanks hun, you're so sweet ^_^. I'm not so sure I do her justice but it's nice that you think so >.<

by Quinzel on Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 22:50
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You really suit Jill and the costume is perfect! Well done!

by Numta on Saturday, 9 April, 2011 - 23:30
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@ Quinzel - Will do, I'm looking forward to seeing Maria too ^_^

by Tsuchinoko on Sunday, 10 April, 2011 - 01:25
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You managed to find one of the badges! Awesome!

by sjbonnar on Wednesday, 13 April, 2011 - 18:54
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Love the Jill! youll have to crack this out again When i do Carlos!


by ryaoki on Saturday, 16 April, 2011 - 01:11
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You look fantastic in that costume almost as if she is right out of the game. Nice job, Look forward to seeing this if your going on sunday. Again Looking fantastic :D

by flamewizo on Friday, 13 May, 2011 - 09:34
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Thank you, that really means a lot :3. Unfortunately I'm not going to be there on the Sunday T_T.

by Quinzel on Friday, 13 May, 2011 - 21:06
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Love the wallet picture!

Really nice touch!

by Numta on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011 - 12:28
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Thanks ^_^. I was going to use the ending shot from the REmake (where Chris is wearing Jill's beret) but I thought the team pic would work better :)...I may switch it over for Manchester lol.

by Quinzel on Wednesday, 18 May, 2011 - 13:19
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LOVE it! you suit Jill really well! Love how you've got little props and accessories too! ^^

by Athora.x on Friday, 27 May, 2011 - 18:25
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Love the idea of the First Aid Spray, next time you'll need to do some green herbs ;)

by Kata-san on Monday, 30 May, 2011 - 01:38
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looking brilliant

by nanahara on Tuesday, 31 May, 2011 - 00:29
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Really wish I'd got to see this on Saturday :( but I'm sure I'll get to see it at a future event ;D photo's look great darling! xxx

by Frederica la Noir on Thursday, 2 June, 2011 - 21:12
Avatar Image

Thanks guys! ^_^

Kata-san - I'm actually hoping to make a green herb for the next time I wear this :D.

Frederica - Thank you :3. It's a shame I didn't get to see you (properly) :( but yeah, this may need a revamp after Manchester Expo but it'll probably get worn a few more times XD. Hope you had a good time on Sat xxx

by Quinzel on Thursday, 2 June, 2011 - 22:34
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Gutted I missed this at expo! It looks amazing!

by Numta on Friday, 3 June, 2011 - 15:48
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Thanks for the lovely comment! I was litearlly about to comment this! well done it looks fantastic!

by Captain_Marvelous on Friday, 10 June, 2011 - 20:43
Avatar Image

No problem :). And thank you! ^_^

by Quinzel on Friday, 10 June, 2011 - 22:39

Shame we didn't get to hang more at expo :[
was goo seeing you for the brief second i did tho, you looked brill

by - on Sunday, 12 June, 2011 - 16:34
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Yeah, Expo was so hectic I'm amazed that I saw you at all.
Thank you ^_^. You looked great too - loved your binding rod :3

by Quinzel on Sunday, 12 June, 2011 - 22:09
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Hi, just saw your group shot from the MCM Expo, unfortunately I don't know anyone but I did get a shot of the zombie girl which I used in a composite http://www.flickr.com/photos/shando_/5825717324/


by shando on Monday, 13 June, 2011 - 19:02
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Glad you managed to get the photos in the end ^^

by Leonie Heartilly on Monday, 13 June, 2011 - 23:05
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your Jill costume looks great^__^, I'm afraid I won't be able to be Nemesis for October Expo as I'll be Madame red on the Saturday and that one is gonna be so big to carry already, I have to use smaller costumes for both Friday and Sunday but I will make Nemesis the big one for May though^__^

by Anime_Angel on Tuesday, 27 September, 2011 - 21:26
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solving puzzles, ha ha love that picture!

by southafrimike on Friday, 1 February, 2013 - 14:30
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Excellent, one of the best I've seen so far.

by Arkantos on Saturday, 29 March, 2014 - 01:54

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Extras (Posted 30th May 2011)

A few of the extras that I have.
The wallet was made by Bekki - YourRain on DeviantArt, Red Crayon Aristocrats on Etsy).

First Aid Spray (Posted 27th May 2011)

This is quite messy - it's just a last-minute prop that I decided to make.

I realised that my dry shampoo can was a good match for a first aid spray can, so I made the label using GIMP and printed it out onto photographic (gloss) paper, which I then glued onto the can.

I'm hoping to redo it properly when I have a little more time, but this will do for now. It's really difficult to get the label right up to the lid and still have the lid fit onto the can. That's why it's a little crinkled on the top. So next time I'm going to try and paint the can and just glue the green label onto it.

Another extra (Posted 21st May 2011)

Before I got the badge, I was going to put the ID card into the picture slot of the wallet . So I decided to print off a picture that could have been found in Jill's wallet. I was initially going to print off the ending screen from the Remake (where Chris is wearing her beret) but then I remembered about the S.T.A.R.S. team photo.

Gun (Posted 20th May 2011)

Bought from Poundland (it was part of a two-gun set). It was primed, painted using Plasti-Kote paints (matte spray paint for the black) and then I printed the badges onto photo paper and glued them into place. The silver on the gun is actually nail polish lol (MyFace's Lil' Bling nail polish in 'silver screen'). The chrome paint that I bought seemed to get darker and darker and this was a last-minute fix.
The badges were made using GIMP and Paint (it would have been much easier on Photoshop but I lost the damn disc), so they're not perfect. The gold colour came out more yellow when it was printed.

Edit: I did the badges in perhaps a little too much of a hurry, so I've redone them. I'm replaying Resident Evil 3 and realised that the badges on Jill's Samurai Edge are a little different to what I made. Also, the trigger of her gun is black in Nemesis, but it's silver in the replica, which I used as the model for painting. Meh, I'll be using this for other Jill cosplays too.
The picture is the old badges; the new ones are a lighter blue in the middle and black around the words.

Front pouch (Posted 10th May 2011)

A Viper pistol mag pouch.

I unpicked the 'Viper' logo from the flap. You can still make out a faint outline if you look at it up close, but it's nowhere near as obvious as it was before.

Boots (Posted 22nd March 2011)

Boots found on eBay after quite possibly months of searching for a pair that I was happy with. I was worried that they would be too light, but Jill's boots seem a little lighter in the CGI scenes and that is sort of what I was aiming for.

The boots originally had a strap and buckle across the top of the foot and a small one at the top of the boot, but I removed them. The black straps are from an old pair of boots that I had. They aren't attached in this picture, but I have affixed them now. I basically positioned them and cut them so that they didn't cover the zip (I was initially going to leave a flap to cover it but this made it difficult to zip them all the way to the top), then I glued them down at intervals and added stitches at intervals.

Black knee-length socks are worn beneath them...they're pulled up a little too high here.
And yes, I am only wearing one boot. That's laziness for you >.<.

Suspenders (Posted 8th March 2011)

The shoulders initially had D-rings and other clips attached, so I removed these and added a strip of webbing so that they resemble Jill's a little better. Aside from what you see in the photograph, I also added a horizontal piece near the bottom. The webbing is a slightly different shade in the picture (it was hard to find a close match; most were too green) but you can't tell from a distance and in normal light.

Back pouch (Posted 1st March 2011)

Bought this one for £3 on eBay, it just arrived today and it's pretty much perfect ^_^. Compared to in-game footage (pretty much the only reference of her back there is), it's the closest match to her back pouch that I could find. I found a better picture and it does appear to fold over at the top, and not be a zip.

Grey trim (Posted 27th February 2011)

I finished sewing the grey trim onto the skirt. I used a grey jersey fabric because it's the closest colour match that I could find and also has a stretch similar to the skirt.

I pretty much just pulled and pinned it and then sewed along the seam by hand. I'm going to go along the second line of stitching on the seam so that it holds better.

Belt/suspenders (Posted 23rd February 2011)

I couldn't believe it when I saw this belt - after so long looking for a decent match for Jill's, I finally found one ^_^. The clasp and eyelets on Jill's belt are grey/silver but I think I'm going to leave them as is for now. All of the silver paint that I have found so far for use on metal is too chrome.

H-Type LC1 suspenders (which you can't see in the pic - sorry!), bought from the same surplus store that I got the belt from. Jill's suspenders in RE3 don't actually have the horizontal strap on the back; they are like two seperate strips that cross over. However, I'm just leaving them as is because there is no way in hell those things will stay on my shoulders if I take that part out. It's like I have no shoulders at all, they keep slipping.